Monday, August 18, 2014

a new semester

The start of a new semester always arrives for me to a mixture of excitement and anxiety, anticipation and a healthy respect for what the unknown will bring.  As we begin this semester we are in troubled and troubling waters.  Events in nearby Ferguson have many of us saddened and concerned, no doubt struggling with questions for which there are no easy answers.  Closer to home, the loss of one of our students - a good student who served her country well - is a punch in our collective gut on the eve of the start of classes.

It is important especially at such times to recognize our circles of care - those circles within which we can touch others positively - and to perhaps seek to stretch those circles just as far as we are able.  The SCC community is one in which these circles of caring abound and overlap, embracing many.  As we begin this new semester and school year let us be even more mindful of the importance of these circles and intentional in expanding them.

As we have learned again from recent events, safety in all of its forms is a vital thing.  Its absence can be devastating, with devastating consequences.  Please take a moment in your day to help someone to feel safe and cared for.  That is a hallmark of the SCC community and one that we need as much as ever as we begin the semester.  Thank you, as always, for all that you do for one another and for our students.  I wish us all an exciting and growth-filled semester and school year.

Monday, August 11, 2014

college meadows park coming

On the heels of completion by Great Rivers Greenway of the beautifully landscaped new cycling/walking trails around the perimeter of campus we are about to see another addition to our outdoor fitness resources.

On Monday, August 18 we will host a ground breaking for the new St. Charles County College Meadows Park, to be located right here on our campus. The park will feature a several-station fitness trail and a nine-hole disc golf course. The park will be open to all who wish to use it.

This newest collaboration with our community partners, in this case St. Charles County Parks & Recreation, is another example of how entities can work together to enhance our lovely campus for the enjoyment of our students, faculty, and staff and all those in surrounding communities.

The park is scheduled for completion by December 2014. We look forward to it's completion and invite you to attend the ground breaking next week.