Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Just a brief entry to observe my favorite holiday and to wish you well at Thanksgiving. As I mark my family's first Thanksgiving here in the St. Charles area and at SCC I am reminded of a life-guiding quote from little known or remembered philosopher Milton Mayeroff. In his book "On Caring" (Harper & Row, 1971) - something of a second bible for me - Mayeroff observed the following:

"In the sense in which a man can ever said to be at home in the world, he is at home not through dominating, or explaining, or appreciating, but through caring and being cared for."

With apologies for the gender-specific language, this thought captures my own sense of thankfulness for this community of work, play and learning. There is a deep feeling of caring here - for place, people and purpose - of which I am proud to be a part. I wish you the best this Thanksgiving and look forward to our continued work and learning together.

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  1. What a nice thought. I've always thought I could feel at home anywhere, as long as my family (caring and being cared for) could be with me.