Friday, December 30, 2011

On the edge of a New year

I sit here on this penultimate day of a year full of changes and marvel at the power of leaps of faith at the close of a year that has contained many. I have never been one for resolutions at this time of year. I prefer reflections.

I recall a year ago at Christmas that my wife asked me if I thought I would use a Kindle reader if Santa were to bring one. I responded that I didn't think I would use one much, since I had not been reading for pleasure for some time. Santa brought the Kindle anyway and as I reflect I find that I have read 45 books - yes, for pleasure - in the year since.

One brief favorite passage from my current 'best book ever,' "Life of Pi," by Yann Martel, goes as follows: "I can well imagine an atheist's last words" 'White, white! L-L-Love! My God!' - and the deathbed leap of faith. Whereas the agnostic, if he stays true to his reasonable self, if he stays beholden to dry, yeastless factuality, might try to explain the warm light bathing him by saying, 'Possibly a f-f-failing oxygenation of the b-b-brain,' and, to the very end, lack imagination and miss the better story."

I cite this passage not as a statement on religious belief or non-belief, or as an assault on the rational/scientific. I share it here for what it says about leaps of faith, suspended disbelief, and hope. Poised as we are on the edge of a New Year, a leap year at that, I'd like to think that we are all ready for leaps of faith and the hope that comes with these, whether here at SCC, in our personal lives, or on the national and international stages of politics, economics, and human interaction.

I look for 2012 to be a year of imagination and all that follows from that. I look for a year of hope, good cheer, growth, and anticipation of good things to come. I'm grateful for the good work and the good minds of many here at SCC and look forward to our continued journey in the New Year.

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