Friday, October 28, 2011

The First Twenty Days

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I will share my thoughts here occasionally about the college, current events, and life in general.  This first entry is devoted to my experience of these first several weeks as your president.  On that subject the words beauty, excellence, kindness, and discovery leap to mind.

I have been struck by the beauty of our campus and the surrounding area.  As a newcomer to the St. Charles area and the college I am constantly impressed by the natural beauty of the area and by the care and appearance of this campus.  This is truly a beautiful place to live, work, and call home.

Excellence is everywhere that I look.  In the classroom, in the theater, on the athletic fields, on our beautiful grounds and in every office, I see an institution and people who strive to be and do the very best that can be done.  I see a college community centered around student success, collegiality, and positive energy.

I see a community ready to extend kindness to newcomers, something I have experienced time and again since my arrival a few short weeks ago, but something I see also in the daily interactions of members of the community with one another.

As I continue my process of learning and discovery here at SCC, I look forward to many more interactions with each of you.  This is a special place.  I am grateful to have arrived as a new member of the SCC community and am excited about our future together.